Ecotourism Certification Benchmarking

Ecotourism Certification includes dual accreditation within the TQUAL (National Tourism Accreditation Framework) so ensuring comprehensive coverage of the triple-bottom line sustainability method. This enables tourism operators to demonstrate evidence of their products meeting economic, environmental and social sustainability best practice.

EcoPro works with you to complete expeditiously the self- assessment process required for applications to TQUAL and Ecotourism Australia’s Certification programs. EcoPro will help to develop the required management systems documentation in order to maximise the probability of your tourism product successfully demonstrating that it meets the Accreditation Standards.

To achieve that, EcoPro can provide:

  • Audit and Planning Session- internal audit to identify practice or policy to develop
  • Management System Development and Supporting Documentation Preparation
    • Business and Marketing Plan
    • Environmental Management Plan
    • Climate Action Management Plan and Emission Assessment
    • Interpretive Activity Plan
  • Certification Application Submission completed with full supporting evidence
  • Accreditation Information Manual – ready to present to Certification Auditors
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Recent Projects and Reviews

Mike Ball Dive Expeditions- consultancy services resulted in the company securing Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation in November 2007.

“I realised that accreditation with Ecotourism Australia was advantageous in enabling Mike Ball Dive Expeditions to be instantly recognizable to guests as an eco friendly operator. I chose Fiona Sleight as our advisor, as she already had a successful track record in this field. Fiona advised the company on how best to meet the requirements and stringent criteria and with the minimum of inconvenience we were awarded Advanced Ecotourism Certification.”

Mike Ball, Owner of Mike Ball Dive Expeditions.