About Ecotourism

Ecotourism – A Growth Market

The Global trend for growth in tourism is from environmentally-aware travellers who want sustainable tourism destinations and products. Research has shown that there is no one group that can be identified as the “typical ecotourists” however there is clear evidence that ecotourism activities hold great appeal for a range of visitors.

Ecotourism Australia defines Ecotourism as:

“Ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.”

Ecotourism Australia promotes the ultimate definition of Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism as compliance with the criteria of the ECO and Climate Action certification programs. Tourism operators whose tour, attraction or accommodation achieves ECO certification can genuinely claim to provide an ecotourism or nature tourism experience.

Ecotourism Australia Certification provides benefits to tourism operators via co-operative marketing. Ecotourism Australia actively promotes ECO and Climate Action certified operators to the international tourism market through trade events including ATE and ITB in Germany and in the Green Travel Directory.

Ecotourism Australia Certification allows Protected Area Managers to identify high standard and environmentally sustainable operators when reviewing permit applications in sensitive areas.

The success of the Ecotourism Australia certification programs brand recognition allows visitors to Australia to identify and support accredited operators.

The Tourism Queensland Ecotourism Plan acknowledges that:

“Ecotourism is one of Queensland Tourism’s fastest growing sectors”.

Research by Tourism Queensland indicates that “increasing number of visitors are seeking environmental tourism experiences”.

EcoPro can help you to attain your Sustainable Tourism Accreditation, build interpretation plans and so ensure your product is best placed to capture your full share of this growing market.

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Recent Projects and Reviews

Doki Doki Tours – EcoPro consultancy service resulted in this company securing Ecotourism Accreditation in April 2009 for six rainforest and wildlife Japanese language tour products and developing an internal EcoGuide staff training package.

For an endorsement of EcoPro’s services in completing this project please contact Shane King, Managing Director, Doki Doki Tours. www.dokidokitours.com